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What is Cutting?

In a cutting contest, horse and rider have two and a half minutes to work two or three beasts and keep them from returning to the herd. The herd, a body of cattle situated at the working end of the arena, is entered by the contestant and one beast is in-turn separated and moved to the front of the herd at the contestants discretion. Once split from the other cattle the selected beast is worked by the horse, it’s rider setting his or her hand on the horse’s neck and only using his or her feet to assist the horse.

A score will be given between sixty and eighty which is based on the rider’s cuts, the horses ability to control a cow and the overall attractiveness or eye appeal of the run. Penalties of one, three and five points can be subtracted from a run, while the cleanest, most confident, aggressive and difficult runs are awarded credit.


Cutting Events during Paradise Lagoons Campdraft

  • Friday 9am – Yulgibar Two Handed Cutting
  • Friday 7pm – Granular Products Open Cutting
  • Saturday 9am – Rockhampton Volkswagen Open Non Pro Cutting
  • Saturday 1pm – Pre Works




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